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How to support and recognize peer reviewers with Publons

Publons logoThe peer review process is vital to the strength of a journal. Reviews evaluate the quality, validity, and relevance of research.

How to support your reviewers

It’s crucial for reviewers to feel supported and recognized in their role. We therefore have many things in place to help ensure this, including:

  • reviewer guidelines to provide a step-by-step guide to writing a review
  • a cartoon showing peer review in pictures
  • rewards recognizing reviewers

And we’re excited to announce we’ve extended our existing partnership with Publons.

Publons is an online platform that helps reviewers get recognition for their reviews. 250 Taylor & Francis journals allow reviewers to track and showcase their activity with an online profile. These journals span a range of subjects from Earth Science to Sport.

Why recognize peer reviewers with Publons ?

Strengthen your relationship with reviewers

Use Publons to give your reviewers the recognition they deserve as valued contributors to your journal.

Provide confidential feedback and reward reviews

Use the editor feedback and excellent review feature to give confidential feedback to reviewers. Give recognition for reviews that show extra effort.

Use your Partner Dashboard to understand and grow your reviewing pool

  • access useful tools and insights
  • manage your journal’s presence
  • see where papers reviewed for your journal are published

These and many other features are available from your journal’s Partner Dashboard. You can register for free monthly webinars that explain the Partner Dashboard.

Use Publons to track your work as an Editor

Finally, you can also create a free profile to track your peer review and editorial work. You can then showcase this proof of your service and standing.

How does Publons work?

Reviewers for participating journals can choose to have a record of their review added to their Publons profile. When they complete a review in a peer review submission system such as ScholarOne or Editorial Manager, they will see this option.

Reviewers need to opt-in. They’re not automatically signed up. Whether to join is their decision.

By default, only the journal name and year of the review show on the Publons site. This is because it’s important to maintain the anonymity of the peer review process.

You can also add reviews for non-partnered journals to Publons. To do this, the reviewer needs to send proof of the review such as the ‘Thank you for reviewing email’ to reviews@publons.com. Publons then checks proof of the review and updates the profile.

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