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Taylor & Francis offer a range of workflow options to suit the requirements of each journal.

Take a look at our production flowchart, outlining the basic workflow that articles and issues follow. Our peer review flowchart also demonstrates a basic overview of what to expect during the peer review process.

We have also extended our article transfer service, helping authors find the right home for their submitted research.

Submission system tutorials

Are you an Associate Editor, Book Reviewer, or Guest Editor for a journal? Sign up to our free monthly training webinars, covering all the essentials you need to know about ScholarOne Manuscripts and Editorial Manager.

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Central Article Tracking System (CATS)

The Central Article Tracking System (CATS) is a Taylor & Francis database used to track and progress manuscripts through the production process.

To learn more about how to use CATS, please watch this video or start browsing by logging in to your CATS account. To request a CATS account please contact the Production Editor assigned to your journal.

If you have any questions about CATS please contact the CATS Help Desk.

Online submission systems

Find out more about online submission systems ScholarOne Manuscripts and Editorial Manager, including news about system updates and information about the Taylor & Francis submission portal for authors.


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Taylor & Francis Training

At Taylor & Francis, we offer a wide variety for training across all of our communities. From online workshops covering publishing processes and how to get published for researchers, to training on how to become an effective peer reviewer, we have something for everyone.