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Open research is for everyone — making research more transparent, more collective, and more resourceful.

At Taylor & Francis, we’re here to help. The society resource hub provides you with specifically curated educational, multimedia resources on the key elements of open research. The resources are tailored for society leaders and those in roles that support academic leadership, and communicate these important aspects to others.

Use the society resource hub to explore the current issues in open research and promote awareness and best practices in your community.

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Understand open research

As the open research movement grows, your society’s publishing conventions may feel increasingly out of step with what members want. Where do you start? The leadership resources below are full of actionable steps to help your publications committee embrace an open research mindset.  

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The future of open research (blog post)

Perspectives on the changing research landscape from F1000.

5 steps to make your society’s research more open (infographic)

Key considerations for leaders getting started with open research.

Experts discuss: open research and societies (infographic)

Practical strategies for your society to help members publish more transparently.

Interview with Rebecca Gethen, Communications Manager at European Consortium for Political Research (PDF)

Open research insights from a leading European political science organisation.

How to write a business case for an open research publishing platform

A 7-step guide from F1000

Support for introducing new article types such as data notes, method articles and registered reports to your journals

Promote open research in your community

With limited time and resource, how can societies support members eager to embrace open research? Our short videos and slides convey key principles to help researchers learn and implement open practices. Incorporate these resources into a live meeting, or share the files with your community for on-demand viewing. 


Short, educational videos covering the pillars of open research, and how this can benefit both authors and societies. 


Presentation slides introducing open research and its elements: open access, open data, open code, and open peer review. 

PDF how-to guides

PDF guides that dive deeper into how to open your data and code and exploring the benefits and challenges of open peer review.

Author Services

Additional how-to guides and other resources to help your authors navigate the open research landscape.

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