Digital publishing excellence

Enhancing the online journal publishing experience

The world’s global challenges mean research needs to be more robust and reliable than ever before. It often needs to be published faster. It always needs to be discoverable from a multitude of different online sources, and be accessible for readers with an array of different needs.

As a journal editor, you play a critical role in curating the research published in Taylor & Francis, Routledge, and Dove Press journals, so it is trusted and authoritative.

As your publisher, we’re with you at every step of the online journal publishing process, working behind the scenes to ensure it’s a smooth, frictionless, straightforward experience for every piece of research submitted to one of our journals.

What is digital publishing excellence?

Our digital publishing excellence program aims to deliver the developments that make online journal publishing easy and accurate. From the moment a researcher submits a paper to how every piece of research we publish can be found, read, and used by the widest possible audience, we want there to be digital publishing excellence at every step.

It is through this series of digital developments that we are aiming to make the online journal publishing experience intuitive and frictionless, supporting you in your role as a journal editor, and a global community of authors, peer reviewers and readers.

Explore digital publishing excellence developments

You can explore some of these developments here, from the evolution of our Submissions Portal, to how we’re taking Digital Production to the Next Generation, to why audience-focused enhancements on Taylor & Francis Online means the research published in all our journals is being read by more people and has more accessible features for readers with a wide range of needs than ever before.

From submit to review, publish to read and share, we’re improving every step of the online journal publishing experience.

Digital publishing excellence development spotlight

Did you know that our unique Submission Portal, launched in 2019, is now used by over 1,200 journals?

It integrates with each journal’s existing peer review system and has been designed by our product development experts with authors’ needs at its heart.

Why? To give the ultimate online journal selection and submission experience for every researcher who chooses a Taylor & Francis or Routledge journal.

Stay informed with our Publishing Partnership Program

We know you’re invested in making your journal the home of research excellence in your field. We also know it matters to you to understand how we are developing the online journal publishing experience and supporting you in your role as a journal editor. That’s why we’ve introduced our Publishing Partnership Program email updates.

We will send you monthly tailored emails which include essential information on your journal’s performance and key developments from Taylor & Francis, including digital publishing excellence developments and policy, training, and event news. Our society partners can also subscribe to the program here.