Managing your editorial board

Image - Building your editorial board

Building your editorial board

Editorial boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most journals will have one. They are a key factor in creating a sustainable and successful publication.

As editor-in-chief it’s up to you to build and manage an effective editorial board. This post will help you build an editorial board that truly works for your journal.

Engaging the editorial board

You’ve created your editorial board and they’re coming up with some great ideas to progress your journal. But that’s just the beginning. As editor-in-chief you need to continually review the effectiveness of the board and tackle any areas that need improvement.

Find out the two key ways to keep your board engaged.

Image - Engaging the editorial board
Image - Getting the most out of your editorial board meeting

Getting the most out of your editorial board meeting

Editorial board meetings provide a chance for board members to make key decisions and discuss the journal’s progress. Getting everyone together is a great opportunity to spot areas for development and share ideas, but it’s up to the editor-in-chief to make the most of the opportunity.

Whether you’re new to the role or struggling to make editorial board meetings work for you, this post is for you. We’ll take you through the essentials for running an effective board meeting as well as sharing some top tips from fellow editors.

Increasing diversity on your editorial board

Improving diversity on editorial boards is a pressing concern in the academic community. The direction and success of a journal can live or die by its editorial board. And for an editorial board to be effective, it needs to be as diverse as the research community it represents.

Yana Suchy, Editor-in-Chief of The Clinical Neuropsychologist faced this challenge with her own board. Here she reveals the steps she took to increase diversity as well as the results she’s seen.

Image - Increasing diversity on your editorial board