How to find and reward reviewers

A case study from the Executive Editor of Regional Studies

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How to find and reward reviewers

We all know that finding reviewers can be one of the most difficult tasks for a journal editor. But journals with an interdisciplinary focus can pose particular challenges when it comes to choosing reviewers. At the Amsterdam Scholarly Summit, Dr. Madeleine Hatfield, Executive Editor of Regional Studies, shared her strategies for finding and rewarding qualified […]

Understanding research impact using an author survey

We all know the importance of demonstrating research impact. But how can you, as a journal editor, find out what articles published in your journal go on to achieve? Beyond tracking citations or using Altmetric to see online mentions, it can be hard to know what effect an article has had. In this case study, […]

How to support early career researchers

What does your journal do to support early career researchers (ECRs)? Could you do more as an editor to develop this community, helping them progress from journal readers into authors? There are plenty of ways editors can support ECRs, from academic mentoring to running an essay prize, but one journal is taking a particularly hands-on […]

Top tips from an editor on how and why to launch an open data journal

Guo Huadong is a Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI). He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Digital Earth as well as Big Earth Data. Prof Huadong has over 30 years of experience in Earth observation. He specializes in radar remote sensing […]

How to use Open Science Badges to reward your journal authors

The Journal of Social Psychology fully embraces data sharing. And not only do they ask authors to share their data, they also reward them for using Open Science Badges. In this post, Jon Grahe, the journal’s Managing Executive Editor, talks about awarding Open Science Badges. He also discusses his views on data sharing and transparency. What are […]

How to develop content for practitioners

Does your journal speak to practitioners and policy-makers? Are you publishing content with the potential to make real-world impact? We spoke to Marcus Grant, Editor-in-Chief of Cities & Health, about an innovative content format designed to target policy-makers and practitioners. Read on to find out how his ‘City Know-how’ articles are bringing academic content to a […]

How to use events to engage practitioners

Does your journal have a strong practitioner focus? Could you do more to support and develop your authors, so that their research becomes a publishable manuscript? David Shirley, Associate Editor of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Training and Director of the Manchester School of Theatre, spoke to us about how running events for practitioners has helped […]