Submission Portal guide for editors

We’re introducing improved researcher services across our journals with Submission Portal. In this guide for editors, we’ll talk you through:

  • What is Submission Portal?
  • The benefits
  • What it means for your journal
  • Tools and resources

Is your journal using Submission Portal and the Article Transfer Service? Get answers to the most common questions in our FAQs

What is Submission Portal?

Submission Portal infographic
Click to view our Submission Portal overview for authors

Submission Portal is an interface supported by your existing peer review system that facilitates journal selection and submission for authors. It’s designed to offer the ultimate online submission experience.

Because Submission Portal is author-facing and for the submission process only, you won’t need an account to carry out your day-to-day editor tasks (e.g. inviting reviewers, making decisions). You’ll continue to use your current peer review system (Editorial Manager/Scholar One) to carry out peer review on submitted manuscripts.

What do authors say?

“Superb because the website is so easy to understand. I didn’t find it difficult to familiarize with”

“The process of submission is user-friendly”

“Researcher-friendly interface”

“I really like the Taylor & Francis portal for new paper submissions”

What are the benefits?

  • Centralized author dashboard: authors can submit manuscripts, stay updated on their progress, and put forward revisions, all from one dashboard accessed with a single login. Users no longer need to have multiple accounts for online submission systems like ScholarOne Manuscripts and Editorial Manager.
  • ORCID compatible: authors can log in using their ORCID credentials (the unique researcher identifier) and pre-populate details from their profile. They can also save time when entering the names and affiliations of co-authors by using the integrated ORCID iD lookup tool to add publicly available data about other contributors.
  • Personalized article publishing charge (APC) quotation: for gold open access journals the system matches authors to funding support when available through our extensive customer agreements. It also selects the correct discounts for those submitting from eligible countries, without requiring a discount code.
  • Seamless transfer functionality: authors can transfer submissions seamlessly between Taylor & Francis journals so they can publish important research quickly. This is designed for papers which aren’t suitable for the journal they were originally submitted to. If an article falls into this category, one or more journals from the Taylor & Francis family may be suggested.
  • Instant updates for WeChat users: this new Submission Portal feature ensures users of China’s biggest social media platform always know which stage of the submission and review process their articles have reached.

For you and your editorial team, articles received via Submission Portal integrate into your existing peer review system. So, you’ll continue to use your current peer review system while offering an enhanced publishing experience to your authors. The intuitive features that simplify submission mean you can save time checking details and responding to author queries.

What changes will there be when my journal starts using Submission Portal?

You, your reviewers, and Editorial Office team will continue to use your current peer review system to carry out peer review on submitted articles, however you will notice some changes when your journal starts using Submission Portal. For example, there may be changes to the wording or manner in which we collect information from authors, as well as changes to how you use reject options. Your Taylor & Francis Portfolio Manager will be in touch with further guidance when your journal is ready to be onboarded.

Latest features and updates

Our dedicated team are constantly working to bring new updates and features to Submission Portal based on feedback and real-life user behaviour. Here’s some of our popular recent developments:

Submission timeline

A timeline of events shows authors the history of their submission and future steps, making the publishing process clear and transparent.

“Thanks to this app, our team can follow up on the scientific article submission process”

Preview of timeline available in Submission Portal
A preview of the submission timeline feature in Submission Portal

Clear calls to actions

Revision required? Payment of an APC due? Know what to do next with clear calls to action in the author dashboard.

“Instructions for the submission process of my manuscript were clear”

Preview of calls to action examples in Submission Portal
A preview of calls to action in Submission Portal

Understanding the author experience

Authors can tell us what they think of the submission process using the feedback widget, helping us continually improve the submission process based on what authors need.

Preview of feedback widget in Submission Portal
A preview of the feedback widget in Submission Portal

Further tools and resources

If you have any questions about Submission Portal, get in touch with us.

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