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Submissions from countries in Asia-Pacific and South America are on the rise. For researchers and authors from these regions who have English as a second language, these submissions are often rejected due to poor language quality. This increases the time spent by peer reviewers and journal editors on manuscript editing, and makes the submission process challenging for the author. There is a growing need for expanded manuscript services to assist researchers from these areas.

To further develop the support we already offer authors at all stages of their careers, Taylor & Francis has collaborated with Editage, a global scholarly communications company, to provide a new and improved selection of editing services.

What’s new?

Taylor & Francis Editing Services  offers authors a range of new options to improve the quality of their manuscript, including:

  • English language editing, polishing, and translation for more languages (from Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, or Portuguese into English, and from English into Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, or Portuguese)
  • Figure and artwork preparation, including tables, graphs, infographics and images
  • Plagiarism checks using detection software to identify accidental plagiarism and suggest revisions
  • Rapid technical review, a fast-paced analysis of the research methodology with suggested actions and revisions as needed

Why Editage?

  • Editage has a wide range of editing packages that works for every author’s aims and budget. Pricing is based on the number of words in the manuscript, with localized payment methods and home currency options
  • Editage uses specialist in-house and freelance staff who are subject matter experts with extensive editing expertise
  • Editage also uses native speakers in the languages offered for translation and language polishing services

What are the benefits for journal editors?

  • Broaden your author base: our improved offering to researchers based in Asia-Pacific and South America could help to bring new voices and perspectives from authors in these regions to your journal
  • More efficient peer review and manuscript submission process, to save you valuable time

Journals can direct queries on language polishing, translation needs or other editing services to Taylor & Francis Editing Services, safe in the knowledge that each of the services meets the high standards expected of journal submissions. Whilst the services can never guarantee acceptance of a paper, it can take the headache out of preparing a manuscript for submission, wherever you are in the world.

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