Advocacy and content acquisition

What the event covered

In this interactive workshop, we explored commissioning content for your journals.

We discussed why we might look to commission work and the formats that those commissions might take, the benefits to such activities, and the considerations to have in order to safeguard against bad actors in the publishing landscape.

To explore this, the workshop followed this agenda:

  • Introduction
    Eileen Breen & Victoria Babbit 

  • How does T&F acquire content
    Alexander Dearman

  • Insights from commissioning books
    Paul Dukes

  • Editor perspective on commissioning content
    Graeme Harper

  • Upholding ethics and integrity
    Atul Udgata

This workshop was held as part of the 2023 On Being an Editor event series.

If you would like to access the recording, please email: [email protected]

To access this recording, please email: [email protected]

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Commissioning content

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