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Welcome to the 2023 Taylor & Francis Editor series: On Being an Editor.

We are experiencing ongoing growth in research resulting in more and more article submissions, and an increase in bad-faith actors as epitomized by the explosion in papermills. There are ever-greater expectations of the editorial process from authors, greater scrutiny of the editorial process by research institutions, and a rapidly changing and increasingly open scholarly communications landscape. This series will look at the changes and how the impact the role of the editor.

The series kicked off with a plenary session looking at some of the key factors that are driving these changes.

The webinar followed the following structure:

  • Introduction

  • Journal Editors and the Global Research Policy Landscape: Key considerations

  • Ethics in 2023 and the Role of the Journal Editor

  • Research Objects

  • Panel discussion: The role of an editor in a changing landscape

  • Discussion and Q&A

This webinar was held as part of the 2023 On Being an Editor event series.

If you would like to access to the recording, please email: [email protected]

To access this recording, please email: [email protected]

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