The global research policy landscape: Key considerations

What the event covered

Brought to you by our External Affairs & Policy team, this session delivered information into some of the broad global research policy trends, and the potential implications of these trends for your journal.

During this event we introduced the role of the Policy team and how they can support Editors by helping to anticipate change and plan for the consequences of new policies or amendments.

We also discussed policy drivers, current discussion and directions around open access, and the rise in AI. Then we explored region specific information on global policy priorities, and provided resources to find out more information.

The workshop followed the following structure:

  • Introduction / What we do 

  • Policy focus areas and key drivers

  • Global policy priorities

  • Future trends and implications

This workshop was held as part of the 2023 On Being an Editor event series.

If you would like to access to the recording, please email: [email protected]

To access this recording, please email: [email protected]

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