Learning programs to supercharge your research career

If you want to enhance your research profile and raise the impact of your research, then look no further than our 12-week learning program for mid-career researchers. We’ve developed the program with the How Researchers Changed the World team, tackling the most common challenges mid-career researchers face, including finding funding and juggling time pressures.

Who are the How Researchers Changed the World team?

We co-launched the How Researchers Changed the World podcast series in May 2019. Every episode of the podcast features one passionate researcher and one world-changing piece of research which has, in some way, shaped the way we think today. 

The episodes tell the story behind the research, direct from the researcher themselves, discussing why the topic was so important to investigate, how the research was developed, and how it has gone on to impact the world we live in.

But these stories are just the beginning. We want to inspire and support other researchers to unlock the potential of their own work, and find their own ways to change the world. That’s why we’ve worked with the How Researchers Change the World team to develop two 12-week learning programs for researchers alongside the podcast. Designed to help you supercharge your research career and boost your impact, one supports early career researchers and the other mid-career researchers like you.

What does the mid-career learning program cover?

Our mid-career researcher learning program is the go-to guide for managing mid-career challenges, boosting the impact of your published work, and enhancing your research profile.

It builds on your existing knowledge and experience to help make publishing your work and building your profile more efficient. This lets you spend more time focusing on the research itself and what matters to you. You’ll also discover how your research can change the world, with advice on making connections with journalists and policymakers, and boosting your online visibility and discoverability.

Over 12 weeks, we cover 12 key areas:

  • Chapter 1: Building an effective team
  • Chapter 2: Finding funding
  • Chapter 3: Adhering to ethical guidance
  • Chapter 4: Open research
  • Chapter 5: Writing an article with impact
  • Chapter 6: Efficiency and time management for researchers
  • Chapter 7: How to master peer review 
  • Chapter 8: Understanding your research impact
  • Chapter 9: Building your online profile
  • Chapter 10: Driving discoverability
  • Chapter 11: Working with the media – communicating your research to journalists
  • Chapter 12: Communicating your research to policymakers

How does the mid-career learning program work?

We know that time pressure and managing various responsibilities is always an issue for mid-career researchers, so we designed the learning program to fit in with your workload and help you develop your career in a time efficient manner.

When you sign up to the learning program you’ll receive one chapter via email each week. You can then explore the chapter at the time that works best for you. Over 12 weeks those chapters will build into an indispensable guide you can continue to use throughout your research career. Stay engaged for the full 12 weeks and you’ll also receive a certificate and LinkedIn accreditation at the end.

Sign up to the learning program today.

October 8, 2019

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