Frequently asked questions

After submitting your review report

In this FAQs section, you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have after reviewing for a Taylor & Francis journal.

This page brings together questions you may need answers to after submitting your report. There are more FAQ topics to explore before you review and during your review.

Why did the editor make a different decision to my recommendation? 

The editor’s role is to weigh up the reports received, along with their own subject knowledge and their understanding of the journal’s aims and scope, and reach a balanced decision.  This means that sometimes they may make a different decision to that recommended by the reviewer, particularly on aspects such as novelty and level of advance. 

However, if you think an editor has disregarded an important point which may impact upon the validity of a piece of research, please contact the Journals Helpdesk ([email protected]), who will ensure the correct team is contacted to investigate further.

What should I do if I have a complaint about the process?

Please contact the Journals Helpdesk ([email protected]), who will ensure the editorial team is contacted to further investigate your complaint.

What communications should I expect to receive from the journal?

  1. If a revision is submitted, you will most likely be invited to review it again 

  2. Some journals notify reviewers of the final decision on a paper they reviewed

  3. You will receive a survey about your satisfaction with the review process

Will I need to re-review the study?  

If a revised version of the manuscript is submitted after you have made comments on it, you may be invited to review the paper again. Though you are not required to do so, we would be very grateful for your continued contribution to the research.

Why have you sent me a survey? 

The survey is to ask about your satisfaction with the review process. This helps us identify any areas we can improve upon or make more convenient for future reviews by you and other reviewers. It also helps us to understand our peer reviewer community better so that we can offer you the right support in future.

In the review form, I opted out when asked if I wanted to be recognized in the journal’s end-of-year reviewer thank you list. How can I be included in the reviewer thank you list?  

Please contact the Journals Helpdesk ([email protected]), who will contact the appropriate team to ensure your name is included in the reviewer thank you list

Can I rescind a completed review?

Yes, please contact the Journals Helpdesk ([email protected]) and they will ensure that your review is removed. 

I still have questions

Please read our extensive frequently asked questions for answers to common questions on reviewing a manuscript.

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