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During the review

In this FAQs section, you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have on reviewing for a Taylor & Francis journal.

This page brings together questions you may need answers to before you review. There are more FAQ topics to explore before you review and after submitting your report.

I accepted an invitation to review a double-anonymous manuscript, but I now think I know who the author is – what should I do?

Get in touch with the editor to explain the situation, as you may need to withdraw if you cannot remain impartial.  In general, you shouldn’t review a manuscript where past or present work or personal relationships could affect your review.

If for any reason you are worried that you will have difficulty remaining impartial (whether positive or negative), you almost certainly have a conflict of interest, and you should withdraw. If your relationship is more distant, the editor may be happy to proceed, but you should still confirm with them. Please read this document for more information on competing interests in peer review. 

Who should I contact if I am unable to access the manuscript or important supporting documents?  

Please contact the Journals Helpdesk ([email protected]), they will ensure you have access to the necessary documents, or be able to relay them to you.

Who should I contact if I need access to data or code generated in the study? 

Please contact the Journals Helpdesk ([email protected]), they will make sure the author is contacted to retrieve the information you need (in compliance with the journal’s peer review anonymity model). 

I need more information regarding the author’s research. Who can I contact?  

Please contact the Journals Helpdesk ([email protected]), they will make sure the author is contacted to retrieve the information you need (in compliance with the journal’s peer review anonymity model). 

I am unable to access the report form or have difficulty submitting my comments. What should I do? 

Please contact the Journals Helpdesk ([email protected]), they will help you to submit your review comments. 

Can I extend my review deadline?  

Yes, please contact the Journals Helpdesk ([email protected]). They can set a longer deadline in the system, with the Editor’s approval. 

I can no longer carry out my review – what should I do?   

Please contact the Journals Helpdesk ([email protected]) for them to withdraw you as a reviewer for the manuscript in question. 

I was late in submitting my report and the review process is closed. Can I pass along my comments anyway?   

Please email your comments to the Journals Helpdesk ([email protected]).  If the decision has not already been processed, they will be able to pass your comments on to the editor.

How do I update my peer review system account details?   

Please contact the Journals Helpdesk ([email protected]), who will see that your account is updated. 

Can I cite the work I’m reviewing, or share information about it with colleagues?  

No, you must not disclose, publish, or publicize anything about the work or the process of peer review without the consent of the authors.  This includes details of the manuscript, supplementary information, and any correspondence from the journal relating to it. This applies whether the study is eventually published or not.

If the authors have put the work in a pre-print server, this implies permission for citation and discussion.  However, all aspects of the peer review process must remain confidential. 

What should I write about in my review report?    

For advice on what to include in your review comments, please see the ‘How to write a peer review report’ section on the peer review checklist page.

Make sure your comments are polite and constructive, even if you have serious concerns about the validity of the work.  

What should I do if I have concerns that the work may not have been carried out with appropriate ethics or integrity?    

Please contact the Journals Helpdesk ([email protected]), they will ensure the Editor is contacted to further investigate. 

Can I sign my report?  

Signing the report means that you make your identity known as the reviewer by including it in the comments of the authors section of the report. 

As a publisher we make a commitment to keep the reviewers’ identities confidential in line with each individual journal’s policy. However if you choose to reveal your identity you are usually free to do so.

Will my report be made public? 

The majority of journals operate a closed peer review policy, where the reports are not made public.  In general you can assume that your comments will only be shared with those who are party to the peer review process.  If this is not the case, the journal will clearly state this.

I still have questions

Please read our extensive frequently asked questions for answers to common questions on reviewing a manuscript.

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